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Humidity and Temperature Sensor DHT22
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Humidity and Temperature Sensor DHT22
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Humidity and Temperature Sensor DHT22

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  • Low cost
  • 3 to 5V power and I/O
  • 2.5mA max current use during conversion (while requesting data)
  • Good for 0-100% humidity readings with 2-5% accuracy
  • Good for -40 to 125°C temperature readings ±0.5°C accuracy
  • No more than 0.5 Hz sampling rate (once every 2 seconds)
  • Body size 15.1mm x 25mm x 7.7mm
  • 4 pins with 0.1" spacing

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Highly Reliable Sensor.
Can Be Used For Making An Entire Weather Station For Any Closed Environment.
Can we read human body temperature accurately using a DHT22 sensor.

B'Coz m trying to interface a thermometer over wifi and making an open cloud service for medical purposes.

So I need to get data over wifi accurately and readily.

This can be of any help or I should prefer any other ?

Keenly waiting for your reply sir
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