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Arduino Quick Starter Kit
Rs. 590 & FREE Shipping
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Arduino Quick Stater Kit
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Arduino Quick Starter Kit

Rs. 590
In stock
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Inside the Box:

5mm Red Coloured LED 10 Pcs
5mm Green Coloured LED 10 Pcs
5mm Yellow Coloured LED 10 Pcs
5mm 4 Pin RGB LED 5 Pcs
IN4007 10 Pcs
LDR 1 Pc
BC547 5 Pcs
LM7805 1 Pc
330E 1/4Watt 10 Pcs
1K 1/4Watt 10 Pcs
10K 1/4Watt 10 Pcs
100K 1/4Watt 10 Pcs
10KPF 10 Pcs
10K Variable Resistor 2 Pcs
100K Variable Resistor 2 Pcs
100KPF 10 Pcs
10uF 25V 5 Pcs
Breakout Boards
IR Obstacle Sensor Board 2 Pcs
L293D DC Motor Driver Board 1 Pc
4 Button Keyboard 1 Pc
12V Single Relay Board 1 Pc
2 Pin Push Button Switch 10 Pcs
Push to On/Off VTR Switch 2 Pcs
Buzzer 20mm 1 Pc
DC Motors 2 Pcs
9V Battery 1 Pc
4x2" General Purpose PCB 1 Pc
170 Tie Point Bread Board 1 Pc
Cable and Jumper Wires
Single Stand Connecting Wire 5 Mt.
Jumper Wire Male to Male 10 Pcs
Jumper Wire Male to Female 10 Pcs
Jumper Wire Female to Female 10 Pcs
DC Connecting Cable with Snapper 1 Pc

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Very good product. Everything was there in proper condition.
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