About Us

We sell stuff for students and developers who live day in and out in the world of electronics and electrical engineering. An exciting field where hands-on experience reigns supreme, we believe it is important for every person to have the tools necessary to succeed in it. We aim to fill in that gap with our website.

When we started sparkpcb.com, we felt people who dealt with such equipment - be it students, professionals, or developers alike, didn't have any place they could look forward to for such products. So, we decided to leverage all of our resources into developing this place where people would be excited to come every day.

Meet the Founder

Rajinder Singh Dhiman

Rajinder is the founder of SparkPCB Technologies. Recognizing that the world of embedded electronics needed innovation, he launched SparkPCB.com as a way forward into the future. With over 30 years of experience in embedded electronics and product development, Rajinder brings with him a swath of skills that have guaranteed customer satisfaction and success over the long-term.

If you need to get in contact with us, shoot us an email at hello@sparkpcb.com. We'll answer it as fast as we can.